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Website Design

Website Development

A website is the face of your company in today’s digital world. It needs to be beautiful, fast, mobile responsive and easy to use. Also, to become monetary beneficial for you, it needs to bring lots of leads and must have many call to action buttons.

Our main focus is that it should generate business for you. So, from day one when we start working on your site, we keep this goal in mind and create a website which not only generates good traffic but brings profit to you.


Mobile Responsive

As most of the website visitors are accessing the website using their mobile phones. It becomes more important than ever to make it mobile responsive. We at SetupMyWeb takes great care and makes sure that your website should work on all the devices possible.


Websites which does not look good on mobile are no websites and needs to be dumped.


We make sure that it not only looks good on mobile but loads faster too. To achieve this, we use different sizes of media based on the devices used.

Important Features

According to us, the most important features a website should have is good UI, UX, Page Speed, Mobile Responsive, Good Internal linking and quality content.

To get most out of your website, every feature mentioned above needs to be taken care of. 

UX and UI
Page Speed
Website Content
Mobile Responsive