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SEO Tips to Boost Your Business

The top 5 tips to improve your website ranking are following:

  1. Quality Content: There is no easiest way to get more visitors than to have quality content on your website. Google loves the articles which are unique and provide benefit to its users. This is the easiest way you can get more visitors and SEO juice in the fastest way possible.

2. Min 1000 words article: This point is important even if you have quality content on your website. Because, according to recent changes in Google Algorithm, it gives preference to the articles which has more than 1000 words article. According to Google, if you can’t write more than 1000 words on the single topic, it means you don’t have enough knowledge about that topic, or in other words, your article is not of good quality according to Google standard.

3. Embedded Video: This is no compulsory rule, but recent top results in google signify that websites having video embedded in their content ranks well in google. Also, it gives website more interactive way to engage with their users as well as provide Youtube platform which helps them to market their website freely.

4. Good Pictures: Old saying is that one picture equals to 1000 words. It is more significant in today’s world where people don’t have much time and 70-80% of people visiting your website is doing it on mobile. They don’t like to read much and if we can provide them images which is related to the content or give them a better idea about our content, chances are more than they are going to read it.

5. Fast Page Speed: Fater speed is important, not only for getting good ranking on google but also to give a good experience to the site visitors. According to recent surveys, the website which loads slow, has the most percentage of bounce rate.

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